Lawn Aeration

Lawn aeration is a necessary service for your lawn due to our cold dry winters and hard clay soil. Aeration removes dirt plugs from the ground to allow moisture to penetrate deep down to the roots. With proper moisture and sunlight your lawn can stay green and healthy throughout the seasons. Aeration is most helpful in the Spring and Fall but if you are having a difficult time with the health of your lawn a Summer aeration might be needed. Before & After Spring Aeration Our machines have 3" tines and can get you the deepest plugs in Colorado. But remember our machine is only as good as your preparation. It is highly reccommended that you water heavily the night before an aeration service. To further assist with your lawn maintenance Eco provides fertilization and overseeding services. We use the finest organic fertilizer made right here in Colorado. Our compost is collected only from hormone free animals and is blended with the smallest amount of nitrogen to ensure a non toxic application. Our seed provides the finest nutrients to assist your lawn with health and fantastic appearance. If your seeing bare or dead spots, overseeding is one of the best ways to revive areas that need a little extra TLC. Call us anytime of year for your lawn maintenace needs. If you are in need of a service that is not listed please call us!    
Schedule a Spring or Summer lawn aeration and receive $5 off your Fall aeration.